AUSTRALIA 2015 Ticket info coming SOON!

Australian Tour 2015: 12th Feb to 14th March 2015 Tour:

Sydney: La Rocco 12th Feb 8pm, Old Fitz Theatre – Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras 24th February – 7th March 9.30pm 1st March 7pm , La Rocca 8th March 8pm,
Newcastle: Royal Exchange Theatre 13th, 14th Feb 8pm
Goulburn: Leider Theatre 15th Feb 5pm
Melbourne: Anna Pappas Gallery 18th Feb, Brightspace 19th Feb 7pm, Club Voltaire 20th, Feb 8pm,
Canberra: Canberra Theatre Centre – Court Yard Studio 22nd Feb 5pm
Brisbane: Judith Wright Centre 13th, 14th March 8pm 


Glasgow School of Art

“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery” – Francis Bacon

Glasgow School of Art

Pope Head was very well received at the Edinburgh Festival 2014 the audience were very appreciative of what we were trying to do and were captivated from start to finish. My chief aim was to approach art schools and Glasgow School of Art was right at the top of my list. As a former Citizens actor and a lover of the great city of Glasgow this would be an ideal platform to give life to the longevity of the play. John Quinn of GSA soon responded with a date to play the Friday Event at the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) 17th October 2014. The GFT is a 398 seat venue and what seemed a huge challenge became in fact the most wonderful experience for both performer and the GSA staff, students and general public. As I stepped off the train at central station the energy of the city hits me right in the heart. On my arrival I met a dear old friend for coffee and later another long time friend for a low key social chat at the CCA. I spoke with John and arranged to meet the next day at 9am to set up for the performance. We chatted about the event and its long history and I gave an overview of the play and the Edinburgh run. I mentioned to them it may be unlikely we would fill the venue. They replied; “We might do, we get full houses for a lot of the events here.” They were not wrong and soon the venue filled up with 280 souls as if for a rock gig at a major stadium. Feeling very relaxed and un phased it did seem totally natural. Indeed the music played and the show began. I felt very comfortable and truly enjoyed the performance the audience was full of talent and knowledge of all sorts. The reaction as the play came to an end was rapturous. A little smile came over me because it is the audience that matters most as a performer to know they had enjoyed the piece and had the time to tell me so afterwards, was a dream. The GSA expressed their delight “Absolutely brilliant!” and I to them for inviting me to play such a great space. I was also given a tour of the art school post fire damage. This was a privilege indeed.